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BARNES Fund-raising for the Baas Educational Trust(BET)


Winter Dinner 27th January 2024.

Northallerton Carnival 2023

Fund-raising 2022-2023


Northallerton Carnival 25th June 2023 raised 35 for BET and 80 for our Travel fund.

Cream Teas 23rd July 2023 fund-raiser for BET raised 110.

St Thomas'Table-top Sale 12th August 2023 fund-raiser for BET.

Bank Holiday Teas 28th August 2023 fund-raiser for BET raised 100.

Beetle Drive with Pie and Peas Supper 13th October 2023

Diwali Meal 11th November 2023

Soup and Pudding Lunches 9th and 10th December 2023


Winter Dinner 28th January 2023.

Dinner at Red Chilli 5th March 2023.

Holi Buffet 11th March 2023 raised 200.

Stall at the Coronation teas 7th May 2023 raised 25.

Terrington Garden Party 25th June 2023 raised 70 for BET and 80 for our Travel fund.

Donation to BET 28th June 2023.

Seamer Strawberry Teas 2nd July 2023 raised 25 for BET and 90 for our Travel fund.

Winter Dinner 2023

Fund-raising 2021-2022


Winter Dinner 29th January 2022.

Holi Festival Lunch 19th March 2022.

VE Day 8th May 2022.

Yorkshire Day Cuppas 1st August 2022.

St Thomas' Tabletop sale 13th August 2022.

Bank Holiday Teas 29th August 2022.

Diwali Meal 29th October 2022.

Soup and Pudding Lunch 3rd December 2022.


Holi Lunch 27th March 2021.

Cake Sales 12th June 2021.

Yorkshire Day Lunch 1st August 2021.

Cake Sales June 2021

Fund-raising 2020-2021

Harvest Lunch 26th September 2021.

Diwali Buffet 30th October 2021.

Soup Lunch 4th December 2021.

Winter Dinner 25th January 2020.

Easter Meeting 12th April 2020.

VE Day 8th May 2020.

Bank Holiday Cakes 31st August 2020.

Soup and Puddings 5th December 2020.

Easter Get-together in Coronavirus Lockdown

Fund-raising 2019-2020

Diwali Buffet prep. 25th October 2019.

Afternoon Teas 26th October 2019.

Soup Lunch 7th December 2019.


Cuppas and Cakes in Brompton 1st June 2019.

Martin and Annie 11th June 2019.

Northallerton Carnival 14th July 2019.

Yorkshire Day 1st August 2019.

Afternoon Teas 26th August 2019.

Northallerton Carnival

Fund-raising 2018-2019

Diwali Buffet 10th November 2018.

Soup Lunch 8th December 2018.

Winter Dinner 26th January 2019.

Tikli Tours 2018 presentation 18th February 2019.


Dinner with Martin and Annie 24th May 2018.

Cuppas and Cakes in Scruton, 2nd June 2018.

Strawberry Teas in Brompton, 30th June 2018.

Northallerton Carnival 8th July 2018.

Strawberry Teas 30th June 2018

Fund-raising 2017-2018


Northallerton Woodwind Ensemble Concert on 11th November 2017.

Soup and Pudding Lunch, Romanby 9th December 2017.

Winter Dinner 27th January 2018.

TV Interview 26th March 2018.


Stall outside Barker's on 29th April 2017 and then Cuppas and Cakes in Aysgarth on 3rd June 2017.

Martin and Annie Visited us on 9th June 2017.

Brompton Teas on 28th August 2017.

Town Hall Stall on 2nd September 2017.

Diwali on 21st October 2017.


1200 for BET, June 2017

Fund-raising 2016-2017


On Saturday 10th September 2016 we had a stall outside Nortallarton Town Hall. It raised 30 for the Unit Travel fund and 48 for BET.

Our Diwali Meal on 29th October 2016 raised 240 for BET.

We ended the 2016 BET events with the Soup and Pudding Lunch in Romanby on 10th December 2016 raised 134 for BET.

The 2017 Winter Dinner on 28th January raised 156.

Afternnon teas on 18th February in Osmotherley.


Our St George's Day stall in the Town Hall with the Lions on 23rd April raised 73.

May ended with Brompton Carnival on 30th where we raised 70, then a week later we served Teas in Danby Wiske on 4th June 2016 and made 174.

In June 2016, we sent 1600 over to the Baas Educational Trust as our 2015 - 2016 dontaion to their School.

As has become traditional, we served teas on Brompton on August Bank Holiday.

1600 for BET, June 2016

Fund-raising 2015-2016


We held another Soup Lunch and raffle draw on 12th December 2015. Together they raised 355.

We held a raffle at our Presentation Evening Dinner.

To start the year we had a stall at the Lions Coffee Morning on 2nd January 2016.

Our2016 Winter Dinner on 30th January raised 277.

We had a stall at the District Cubs 100th Celebration on 13th February 2016 and raised raised 53.

We were invited to have another stall in the Town Hall on 9th March 2016. It raised raised 70.


Our Crafts stall at Brompton Carnival on 25th May 2015 raised 104.20.

Just a few days later we served Afternoon Teas at Hillside on 30th May and made 272.

We ended the summer by serving Afternoon Teas Brompton on 31st August and made 180.

Whilst others celerated Halloween, we prepared a food on 30th October and then held our Diwali Night the following evening.

Our Christmas Fayre at Hummersknot Academy on 12th November 2015 raised.

Brompton Carnival, May 2015

Fund-raising 2014-2015


2014 - 2015 has been another successful year for the BARNES Unit fundraising for the Baas Educational Trust.

We were pleased to be able to send 1800 for the Gairatpurbaas Panchyat School.

Our thanks go to the many people who regularly support our events.


Marske Fishermen's Choir kindly put on a concert on 28th March 2014 which raised 265 for BET.

Saturday 31st May was hot and sunny for our Garden Party.

Our Diwali night dinner raised 120.

Advent Soup and Pudding Lunch and raffle draw on 6th December 2014.

Bag-packing in Morrisons on 22nd December 2014.

The 2015 Winter Dinner on 31st January raised 311.

Marske Fishermen's choir, March 2014

Fund-raising 2013-2014


Soup Lunch on 7th December 2013.

We started the New Year with a Coffee Morning on 11th January 2014.

Just two week later we held our winter Dinner on 25th January 2014.

We had two events on Saturday 8th February. A stall in Northallerton Town Hall in the morning and a Concert by Northallerton Woodwind Ensemble in Thisk in the evening. These two events raised a comined total of 352 for BET.

This year we held our March Soup Lunch in Stokesley and raised 160.


On 1st June 2013 we held a Garden Party at Tame Bridge where we served afternoon teas. This contributed 100 to BET at 250 to our Unit Travel Fund.

We had a stall in Northallerton Market on Saturday 5th October 2013.
The craft sales raised 84 for BET.

We held a Beetle Drive with Pie and Pea supper in Stokesley on 19th October 2013.

Diwali night 2013 raised 430.

Garden Party at Tame Bridge 2013

Fund-raising 2012-2013


Saturday 8th December 2012 we held our Chrismas Soup and a Pudding Lunch in Romanby where we also drew the Christmas Raffle This event contributed 282 to our BET fund and 272 to the Unit Travel fund.

The Unit Craft stall was out again at the Rivendale Christmas Fayre on 12th December 2012 and then in Northallerton Town Hall at the Lions Coffee Morning on 19th December 2012.

Thn in the New year we are out abd about again with the Craft Stall in Northallerton B&Q on 19th January 2013 and back to Northallerton Town Hall with the Lions on 26th January 2013.

Our 2013 Winter Dinner was on 2nd February.

We held another Soup and a Pudding Lunch in Romanby on Saturday 23rd February 2013 where we also drew the Winter Raffle This event contributed 273 to our BET fund and 100 to the Unit Travel fund.


We visited Shropshire Scouts'County Camp in May 2012 to run the refreshments stall.

We visited Shropshire again on 8th September 2012 to join in their Sponsored Abseil in Edgemond.

The Explorer Scouts were busy on 12th September 2012 making jams and marmalades for their produce and crafts stall at the Brompton coffee morning on 15th September.

We held a Diwlai night Dinner on 10th November. Thus was a very enjoyable evening rasing and 400 for BET.

Just a week later we had a stall at The Orchards Christmas Fayre.

Our Crafts Stall

Fund-raising 2011-2012


Saturday 17th December, Northallerton was full of Christmas shoppers and we were busy bagpacking in Morrison's supermarket. This contributed 235 to our BET fund as well as boosting the Unit funds.

February 4th 2012, a three course dinner for 46 people planned and prepared by the Unit members contributed another 400 to the BET fund.

Whilst at camp in Osmotherly, on the 11th February, we served Afternoon Teas. This contributed another 70 to the BET Fund.


After our Explorer Belt presentations in the Morning Service in Brompton on 9th October 2011 we served lunch for our guests and 56 was kindly donated to our BET fund.

We celebrated Diwali with an Indian Meal on 22nd October 2011.

Saturday 3rd December 2011 we invited people to join us for a Soup and a Pudding Lunch in Romanby where we also held the Christmas Raffle Draw This event contributed 400 to our BET fund.

July 2011, handing books over to Sheela.

Fund-raising 2010-2011

We served Afternoon Teas in Osmotherley on 5th June 2011 which made another 210 for BETS.

When we arrived in India in July 2011, we were pleased to be able to hand over 2500 to BET and lots of books to Sheela the headmistress.
A beedroom with en-suite facilities is being built above the heads office for visiting teachers. This is costing about 2500 to build and is to be called the BARNES Dormatory.

Not long after our return home from India, we served Afternoon Teas at The Orchards on 17th September 2011


We started 2011 with another fund-raising dinner held in Brompton Chapel on 29th January. On 19th February 2011, we held a Soup and a pudding lunch in Romanby.
On Shrove Tuesday (8th March) 2011 we held a Pancake Party with Brompton Ecumenical Youth Fellowship and raised another 150 for BETS.

On Saturday 19th March we held our second Soup and a pudding lunch in East Cowton at All Saints Church. This raised another 118.

We held a Family Quiz Night on 21st May 2011 in Brompton Village Hall. In addition to the quiz we held a raffle and an auction. On this occasion, the money raised was split between the BETS fund and our Unit India travel fund.

July 2010, Adam and Charles hand over 1500

Presenting Martin Howard with 1000 on 30th May 2009.
We held a fund-raising dinner on 30th January 2010. Proceeds from the dinner are going towards our next trip to India.

Our fund-rasing continued on 5th June 2010 with another Open Garden and we were able to hand over another 1500 when Charles and Adam visted BETS in July 2010.

We held a Coffee Morning in Brompton on 4th September 2010 and Diwali Meal, a stall at The Orchards Fayre and Coffee Morning in East Cowton in November 2010.

2010 ended with the sale of calendars and then Carol Singing on a very cold December night.

Since the first visit to India in August 2008, the fund-raining effort has continued.

On 8th September 2008 the Northallerton and District Lioness Club Kindly donated 400 to our fund. We have produced a 2009 calendar based on pictures taken whilst we were in India.

The sales of the various goods continue and just prior to opening our 2009 Open Garden we please hand over another 1000 to BETS. The graph to the right shows how this money was raised.
The 2009 Open Garden we a great success and together with sales of our BETS goodies brought in another 806.

Fund-raising August 2008 - May 2009.
In 2008 the Unit had a number of fund-rasing projects for the school. We produced tea-towels with the help of 1st Brompton Scout Group and Friarage Scoutlink. We also put together a recipe book which we are selling. The materials for both of these were funded from the Units general fund-rasing so that all sales money can go directly to the School.
In June 2008 we held an "Open Garden" and a Strawberry Scone tea and then cooked at a BBQ in July again with all contributions going to the School.

Fund-raising 2007-2008
When we visited the School in July 2008, we presented the School with 1,200 (Rs10,000) and twenty descant recorders.
The graph to the left shows where this money came from.

Charles (Unit Leader) presenting the cheque to Mr KN Jha (headmaster) and Mr M. Howard


Please look at the items we have available for purchase and our forthcoming events.

money raised each year


The money raised through donations all goes to the Baas Educational Trust
for the Gairatpur Baas Panchayat School.

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