St. Bartholomew's Church Dinard, France

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Sermon Series

Hard Verses
Lent 1 Lent 2   Lent 3 Lent 4
  Lent 5   Lent 6  
When did they know?
Who am I? Epiphany Baptism Water-Wine What am I?
Candlemas   Transfiguration   Into Temptation
What is a Saint?
Blessed are ... (1) Blessed are ... (2)   Blessed are ... (3) Blessed are ... (4)
Society Matters
Riots in August Hug a hoodie   Nine eleven How Much?
Prodigal Son
Oarables The Father   The Younger Son The Older Brother
God made manifest
Epiphany Baptism Pathfinder Fulfil Nunc
God With Us
Ascension   Pentecost   Trinity
Understanding our service of Holy Communion
Come clean Word   Being fed Prayer
  Peace   Hello and Goodbye  
Treasure   Talented   In Debt
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