St. Bartholomew's Church Dinard, France

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Priest in Charge: The Revd Gareth Randall


Book of Remembrance


January February March April May
June July August September October
November December Cover Founders Dedication

Aplhabetic List

Alphabetical Index of Names
Undated names appear after the entries for December

The Revd Brian Abel			19th February
Lt-Col Dighton Abercrombie-Dick   	27th February 
Dieret Albert 				30th April
Tony Albino					21st December
Isabelle Aldoma				15th May
Raymond Allen				31st October
Marie-Noële Ancelin   			12th October	
Nicole Anton				1st June
Maurice Antoine	   			13th November	
Delia Arslanian   				3rd January
Tommy Arslanian   			10th August  
Michel Audibert    				19th December 

Archdeacon Donald Bailey   		28th September
Margery Bailey				23rd October
Marion Bailey    				24th December 
Dr Michael Bailey				21st September

Alexander Balneaves			6th April
Trish Ballantyne				24th April
Graham Balneaves				9th December
Constance Bargioni			4th December
Roberto Bargioni				20th February 
Ernest Baker				8th August 
Tom Barker					26th February
Mary Baroll-Rogers   			undated 
Jacqueline Barrais   			30th December
Lieut-General Sir Charles Barter   	22nd March 
M Batcave 					18th September
Eugenie Baudry				1st August
Ida Beau 					6th February  
Commandant Marcel Beau   		8th July
Christiane Beaume				7th May
Frederick Beaumont   			10th July
Kathleen Beaumont   			9th May
Winifred Beaumont   			17th February 

Guy Benahim   				25th January 
Karl Benz					16th January
Marylene Bigot				7th June
Irène Bishop					6th November
John Bishop   				6th June
La Comtesse Alice de Bizemont		7th May
Jean Black   					24th August
Jimmy Black					14th August
Enid Blampied   				11th September
Jeff Blampied				28th October
Francis Blackwood   			14th February 
Bill Board    					1st May
Pastor Wilhelm Bofinger			14th October   
Patricia Bone   				31st July
Vera Bonte					5th February
Roger Booth					26th February

Andrew Bosse			   	2nd November   
Judy Bradley					10th May
Stanley Bramwell				6th October   
Fred Bransgrove   				16th December
Francine Briand				13th April
Eileen Brook				14th February
Val Brook					14th February
Dan Browne					3rd April
The Revd Canon Dick Browning   	11th November   
Marguerite Bruneau 			28th August 
Austin Brunt					2nd July
Edwina Patricia Brunt			29th October   
Ron Bryant					24th April
Reginald Bucket				11th May
Andy Buckingham				28th March
Muriel Burgess				19th June
Andrew Burnett				15th April
The Revd John Burrell			28th May
Lady Barbara Burton   			undated
Jozie Bush					22nd April

Benoit Cabot				18th July
Lawrence Cade  				16th April
Mary Callander   				22nd July
Lucienne Camart				5th January
Pam Campbell				15th April
Ella Cammey				9th October
John Campion				9th January
Wendy Cannon				18th September
Jean Carmichael   				11th September
Maureen Carney   				2nd March 
Pierre-Jean Carré				17th November   
Dr Oliver Carrett   				undated  
Vincent Carta   				3rd November   
Cyril Carter					13th April
Harold Carter   				9th July
Ronald Carter 				3rd February 
Gladys Carter   				4th February 

William Channing				undated
Rosemary Chard   				9th October
Charles de Champchesnel    		29th May
France-Odile de Champchesnel    	5th February
Micheline Charlon  			23rd February 
William Charlton				15th August
William Chase   				29th August
Loic Chatel					5th September
Laura Chen					1st January
The Revd Malcolm Cherry		21st July
John Clark   					undated
Michael Clark				30th January
Orlen Clark					2nd February
Samuel Clark   				undated 
The Revd Percy Clarke   			13th April   
Neil Cohen   				8th May  

Cecil Cole   					10th December   
Winifred Cole    				13th March     
Ronald Colee   				15th June
Roberta Coles				17th September
Ronald Coles				27th June
Elayne Collet				23rd December
Lucienne Coletta 				23rd May
Stanley Collier  				6th May
Marshall Collinge   				10th June
Honora Collins				7th April
Ronald Collins 				29th September
Françoise Comyn				4th May
Claude Conty 				23rd October
David Cook					14th June
Margaret Cook				10th April
Adrian Cooper   				30th January
Leslie Cooper   				13th January
June Cooper					23rd April

Harriet Coplowe  				14th January	
Syd Coplowe   				6th May	
Peter Coston   				13th March
Olivier Couasnon				22nd February	
France Courant				2nd September
Marcelle Courant				16th November
Amiral Jean Courtot   			23rd August
Denise Craveia				7th November
George Crighton				19th November
Lady Margaret Crofton   			28th January 
Cyril Crompton  				28th June	
Dorothy Crompton   			21st September
Woof Cronshaw				17th November
Chris Crossland				1st October
Diana Cumberlege   			7th August

Donald Cummins				28th July
Elsie Cummins				11th November
José Cummins				26th April
Maurice Cummins				29th December
Richard Cummins				29th September
Lady Agnes Curtis   			undated
Fr Geoffrey Curtis				undated
Sir George Curtis   				17th April 
Captain Maurice Curtis    			15th June  

Philippe D’Albert-Lake   			10th February
Virginia D’Albert-Lake   			20th September 
Jean Darbyshire				7th November
Marjorie Dawes   				13th March     
Caroline Davies				16th August
Jennifer Davies   				21st August
Poly Davies 					20th July
Ann Davidson				6th January
Florence Davison				25th December
John Davy   					27th February  

Solange Dayres-Goffinet			25th December
Melissa Dee 					14th July
Reginald Deeks				23rd December
Lydia de la Perrelle  			4th December
Laurent Désy				13th November
Arnold Dickinson				26th March
Doreen Dickinson				28th April
Mark Dobbs					16th June
George Dobinson				29th April
Joy Doncaster   				1st December  
Veronica Donkin				27th June
Vincent Donnelly   			15th June 
Nigel Dowden				28th December
Justin Dowsett-Underwood   		26th April 
Susan Duce					1st April
Jack Duffield				9th January
Jackie Dubano				16th June
Clarice DuPont				27th February 

Guy Dunell   				9th October 
Ralph Dunstan				4th October
Sir George Duntze   			2nd May 
Lady Hamette Duntze   			1st August   
John Dyer   					10th January
Roy Dyer   					8th April
Tom Dyer   					16th April
John Dyke   					2nd September 

Alfred Edge					5th July	
Betty Edge		  			1st October
Doris Edge					10th April
Siân Edmunds				29th December
Baronet Philip Egerton  			1st September
Liz Ekins   					28th February 
Alan Elgie					7th September
Paul Elms					18th May
Geoffrey Emerson				12th March
Simone Emerson				21st March   
Harry Etchells  				6th February
Alan Evans					11th November
David Evans					3rd August
Constance Eyre   				5th December 
Walter Eyre 					24th November   

William Faber   				undated
Lyona Faber   				undated	
William Stanley Faber   			undated
Donald Fagg   				22nd November   
Sybil Fagg					13th June
Ernest Fenn					6th May
Ivy Fenn					21st October
Alexandre Ferchat   			5th September	
Laurent Ferchat   				19th April 
Marie Ferron   				18th December 
Mostyn ffrench-Williams			13th November
Jacqueline Filleul   				27th June
Frances Finch				13th November
Heather Finch				21st November
John Finch					16th November
Valerie Finch				10th February
Maurice Finney 			  	1st February

Captain Harold Fitzgibbon   		13th January 
Tony Fitzsimmons				23rd July   
Lilian Fleming  				3rd October   
Hilda Flower				27th November
Ian Forbes   					19th May 
Reginald Forbes   				20th February 
Albert ‘Dick’ Foskett   			4th August
Ethel Foskett				18th May
Beatrice Fouke  				undated
General Sir George Fouke   		undated
Odette François				20th October
Simone François				7th February
Marie Frankel 				8th March
Ronald Frankel MBE			14th September
Samuel Frankel				3rd June
Tony Freake					27th December
R.D.V. (Jack) Frost   			25th August	

George Gale					21st January
Marie Gallery				1st January
Dorothy Gallier   				11th November   
Ramon Gallier   				3rd May
John Gamby		   			8th August	
Daniel Gauntlett				13th December
Elaine Gee					6th April
Muriel Gee					22nd December
Craig Gladding				11th October
Jack Glanville   				29th June
James Glanville   				26th December	
Colonel Colquhoun Grant   		19th August   
Louis Gravier				16th April
Lewis Greenwood				6th August
Eleanor Greppo   				3rd January
Kenneth Grieve   				15th November
Maud Grieve 				12th December
Ivy Grudgings				10th October
Sigurlaug Guðrun				8th July
Olivier Guibert				3rd August
Fr Claude Guilloteau			14th  March
Donald Gunn				7th  April

Hannah Hands				11th March
Theresa Hands				17th June
Claude Hannay   				17th November   
Elizabeth Hannay   			25th June	
Patrick Hannay   				24th May
Valentin Hanne				22nd July
Magda Hansez				1st April
The Revd Canon Ian Hardaker		7th November
Susan Hardaker				15th August
Dr Janet Hardenberg   			28th May
Dr Sharon Harding				7th November
Yann Hardouin   				11th June	
Clifford Harris				13th February   
Gillian Harrison				30th August
Vanessa Hastings				30th September
Isobel Hawking				7th April
Maeve Hewitt Hué 			15th May
George Hill   				6th February 
Jessie Hill					26th April
Marie Hill   					1st June

Dame Thora Hird   			11th March 
Doris Higgins	   			30th March 
Iris Hobson					10th February   
Timothy Hocombe				14th June
Hilda Hodge   				27th May
Ellen Hodgkins   				21st April
Peter Hodgkins   				30th December
Ronald Hodgkins   				13th February
Major Edward Hody   			15th June
Lyona Hody   				30th July
Reginald Hody  				24th January 
Adam Hogg   				3rd August   
Annie Hogg   				12th March 
John Holden  				2nd October
John Hood   				1st May
Bob Hook					8th November
Mabs Hook					13th November

Leslie Howard				25th March
Eric Howell					14th November
Joanna Hudson-Davies 			5th September
Jonathan Hudson-Davies 			18th July
Joyce Hughes   				28th December	
Vera Hunneyball   				21st July

Janet Illing   					22nd December
Mark Ivin   					3rd September   
Pat Ivin   					19th February   

Marie Jamelin				13th April   
Count George James   			undated   
Deming Jarves   				26th August
Alex Jarvis					12th August
Grace Jarvis-Coker				19th June
François Jenart-de Malderé   		1st January 
Simone Jérome 				19th July
Michael John				14th September   
Collette Johnson   				7th November   
Ernest Johnson   				27th August  
Dorothy Johnston   			29th August 
Barbara Jones  				1st July
Barry Jones  					 8th May
Ellen Jones					12th November
Emma-Rose Jones   			19th February 
Patrick Jones   				13th April   
Peter Jones   				28th August   
Doris Jordan					8th February
John Jordan					1st February
Père Yves Jouanin   			10th February
Ulla Juuti		   			12th August

Colonel Karl Kate   			undated
Derrick Kearney				16th July	  
Robin Kenyon				18th December

Alain Kergoët				2nd June
Robert Kergoët				8th July
Suzanne Kergoët				11th September
William Kind				2nd February
Brian Kingshott				9th January	
The Revd Mervyn Kingston		2nd August
Eileen Kirk   				26th March
Leslie Kirk					19th December

Dominique Labauge			16th April
Micheline Labauge				1st March
Eric Lambert (Senior)    			15th September	
Marjorie Lambert   			14th January 
Bryan Larkin  				23rd July
John Larkin  				1st November   
Ange Larraz					5th March
Wendy Layfield				15th March

Paul Le Bas					17th April
Louise Le Borgne  				 9th September
Claude Leboucher				19th December
Esther Le Cros   				2nd January
Philip Le Cros				13th March	
Yvonn Leforte				19th February
Jacqueline Le Forestier   			19th January 
Brian Le Geyt 				23rd September
Marie Lelievre				5th November
Philip Le Mottée  				7th October 
Frances Le Sueur   				21st September
Chris Leighton   				6th April
Helen Leighton   				31st March
Jess Leighton				15th June
Jackie Lelliott				13th April	
Isabel Letts					24th July
Professor Geoffrey Lilley			20th September 

Joe Lindop					13th May
Joyce Lindop				23rd March
Geraldine Lord   				12th September 
Rosalie Luzé					2nd September

Patricia MacCormack			7th February   
John McGimpsey   				9th May
Ian McKenzie				19th January
Graham McLennan			2nd February
Eugène Magnus   				25th June
Mary Malloy   				7th April	
Jean Mansell					26th March
Major Frederick Marcelen   		10th May
Anita Marsh					17th October
Sophie Marshall  				 undated 
Luc-Ange Marti				21st February   
Albert Martin				26th March
Paul Martineau				5th January

The Revd Alan Matchett   		24th April
Christine Matthews				29th April
Tim Matthews   				10th December
Olive Matthews   				10th September
Reginald Matthews   			31st  March 
Vincent Maudieu   				28th August
Joy Mears					1st December
Peter Mengham  				13th October
Solange Messé				17th January
Chris Metcalfe   				24th October   
Joseph Michel   				7th October
Lilian Michel   				20th October   
Brian Millington   				27th March 
The Revd Herbert Mills   			12th July
Sue Milner					2nd June
Henriette Mitchell   			30th June	
John Barry Mitchell   			27th October
Muriel Mitchell   				18th October
Nora Mitchell				14th January

François Monahan   			2nd May
Lt Col Edward Monteith   		15th June
Colonel John Monteith   			2nd June
Josephine Montgomerie   			1st May 
Norman Moore				26th March
Agnes Morgan   				25th July
Beatrice Morgan 				10th January
Helen Morgan MBE			6th October
John Morgan  				9th September
John Morgan   				19th October
Catherine Moss				15th November
Walter Moss					10th February
Michèle Mouillard				5th February
Christiane Mounier				18th August
Blanche Moy du Breil   			7th March
Catherine Müller				28th July
Gladys Munday				29th November   
Thomas Murison				26th December
Maureen Mutch				15th April

Agnes Naden   				18th September 
Eugene Naden   				24th June
Peter Neale					3rd January
Sheila Nelson				29th September
Philip Newbound				12th March	
Steven Newton 				5th July
Kathleen Norman				15th May
Janet Norris   				19th January
Tony Notley   				28th September
John Noton   				12th October

Ann O’Mahony				25th June
Enid Osborn				29th December

Odile Paillard				28th December	
Peggy Palmer   				30th June
Ron Palmer   				16th May
Margetou Palos   				24th December	
Panayiotis Palos   				3rd January   

The Revd Donald Pankhurst		28th July
Eileen Parker				10th October
Roger Parker				2nd February
Abbey Parkes   				26th August
Jean Pascal	   				18th September
General Douglas Paton			14th October
Brian Paxton				3rdthMarch   
Victor Paul					28th May
Martin Peach				18th January
Owen Peacock   				16th September
Dominique Perfettini   			23rd December
Nicole Peron				8th October
Germain Perret   				9th June
Elizabeth Phillips   				2nd January
Stanley Phillips   				13th November
Bandmaster Frederick Piesse		23rd October
Harry Pilley   				29th August
Kay Piper					3rd March   
Lt Commander Pip Piper			20th May
Gary Pitchford   				20th May

Tove Polden   				26th January
Anna Pratt					undated
Sheila Price   				27th April
Jean Prohet  					24th March
Monica Pudney née Forbes 		14th May
Janice Pullen					5th January
Ron Pullen					8th May
Joyce Pullon   				24th September
Ian Puttock					13th February
Sheilah Puttock				24th February

Hervé Rabet					14th September
Kenneth Rainbow   			25th July
Hermen Ramos de Riberollo 		5th January 
Marina Rainey				8th January
Alma Randall   				20th February 
Thomas Randall    				22nd January
Charlu Raux					21st May  
Rosa Read					28th December
Roland Reece   				18th September 

Naomi Reeder				14th July
Donald Rees  				18th August   
Henri Renaud				7th April
Paul Renaudineau  				24th September 
Joyce Richardson   				17th March
Isabel Robb					26th March
Ian Robertson   				1st August   
Mauricio Romero				11th February
Marie-Théotiste Rondeau-Menager 	7th January
Stuart Rose					10th September
Dr Stephane Rouet   			22nd October   
Jean Roux   					25th October
Bishop Geoffrey Rowell			11th June 
Maldwyn Rowlands   			27th December 
Samuel Rubault				11th June
Lady Alix Russell   				8th October
Lord Edward Russell   			8th April
Alfred Ryder					6th November
Ena Ryder					23rd February

Major Walter Sadler   			24th October   
Marie Sadler   				13th May
John Salmins   				26th June
Monique Salmins   				29th January
Frederick Sarsfield				4th October   
Theo Saunders   				12th January
Bridget Savage   				26th March	
Lynne Savage   				30th November   
Betty Saville   				7th January 
The Revd John Schaeffer			6th November   
John Faber Scholfield 			23rd June
Claudine Schoofs				26th February
James Scott   				30th November  
Lady Marion Selma   			4th June
Colonel William Senior  			undated
Elizabeth Senior   				undated

Lieutenant Albert Service			18th August
Robert Service				11th September
Sandra Syvret				21st April
Agnes Simpson   				1st July
Maurice Sheehan	   			29th June
Gladys Skako				5th October   
Juraj (George) Skako			30th April
Agnes Smith   				5th September 	
Donald Smith				5th August
Herbert Smith   				6th January
James Smith   				22nd April
Michael Smith   				6th January
Terry Smith   				28th March
General Sir Horace Smith-Dorian   	undated
Colin Snowdon				15th March
Donald Soum				28th June
Janet Southwick   				28th December

Eileen Spenceley				27h October
Gerard Spenceley   				1st August      
Henry Spenceley				6th February
Marie Spenceley   				19th April
Corporal William Stafford 		12th August
Diana Stallard				31st December
Tony Stanley 				13th December
Dorothy Stanton				12th May
Kathleen Stein   				15th April
Edwin Stevens   				31st August
Helen Stevens   				2nd October   
Eric Stevenson				5th May
Ruth Stevenson				1st July
Joan Stewart   				25th September 
Dr Kathleen Stewart   			17th April
Rodney Stone				15th September
Nigel Stonier				21st December
Euan Storey					2nd November
Fr Jeff Stratton   				27th September 
Lysbeth Sutton   				19th August   
Brian Sykes					10th November

Jill Talbot					16th December
Georgette Tassel-Dibout			24th December
The Revd Jan Taylor   			22nd May
The Revd T R B Taylor			1st April
Barbara Tchertoff   			18th March
Robin Tchertoff   				11th May
Philippe Telle   				18th June
Vincent Telle   				20th November
Arnold Terry  				8th August   
Sue Thain					19th May
Sandra Theodoulou   			24th October   
Vilma Thibault	   			28th October   
Dr Celia Thomerson   			27th February 
Audrey Thompson   			20th February
Julian Thompson   				29th July
Gladys Thomson   				11th April
Margaret Thomson   			24th April
Monty Thomson   				3rd May
Vera Thomson   				10th September   

Kenneth Tomkinson			28th April
Tom Topping				9th April
Claudine Traineau				22nd January
John Travers					25th January
Tony Travers				31st October   
Bénédictin de Trèves			10th January
Raul Trevino				17th February
Pierre Troadec				6th July
Roy Trott   					17th November
Clotilde Trouvé				17th January
Andrea Trower  				4th February
Christine Twilley				5th August

Janaghee Valayden				28th December
Raju Valayden				15th April
Janine Vaussy				8th March
Edward Vaux 				10th April 
Louisa Vaux   				16th September  

Gillian Veale   				25th May
Dr John Veale				6th December
Bruno Venara   				28th October
John Verbyst   				12th M	arch
Angèle Vidal-Hall				20th September  
Pierre Villeneuve				10th January
Ethel Villiers-Forbes   			undated
Emily Villiers-Forbes   			undated
Henry Villiers-Forbes			undated
Anastasia Violares   			26th May  
Nicos Violares   				2nd July
Yianis Violares   				18th May

Fran Waine					3rd October
Robert Wakeman				17th February
Agnes Walker   				25th December 
Andrew Walker   				26th April 
Alan Wallis					22nd May
Terri Walton					16th March

David Ward					2nd November
John Warren 				7th January
Berenice Watts   				28th June
Terence Webb   				15th May
John Welch   				27th August
Sara Welch   				8th December
The Revd Canon Gregory Webb 	7th August
Marcel Werthemier   			1st December 
Denise West   				3rd October   
Graeme Whitecross			13th December
Henry Whitehouse   			6th May      
Tony Wilde					30th October
D Williams 					22nd September
Joan Williams  				2nd March
The Revd Ray Williams 			7th January

Barbara Wilson				2nd December
Diana Wilson				29th July
Doug Wilson				28th February
Henry ‘Chum’ Wilson			25th January
Gertrude Wilson				19th March
Captain Michael Wilson   			12th September
Karina Wilson-Foskett   			27th February
Denise Winter				9th July
Betty Wolf					19th November
Antonia Wolfgang   			25th February
Albert Wood				11th May
James Wood					17th August
Winifred Wraith				11th October
Bishop Clifford Wright			14th February
Ron Wybrow   				4th September

Jess Yacominni   				9th October
Frances Yates   				7th January