St. Bartholomew's Church Dinard, France

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Priest in Charge: The Revd Gareth Randall


Book of Remembrance


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We also remember those whose names are commemorated in this church but whose day of death is not recorded:

Lady Barbara Burton   1968   
Mary Baroll-Rogers   1982   
Dr Oliver Carrett   1890   
William Channing
John Clark   1915
Samuel Clark   1958
Lady Agnes Curtis   
Fr Geoffrey Curtis
William Faber   	
Lyona Faber   	
William Stanley Faber   
Beatrice Fouke  
General Sir George Fouke   
Count George James   1950   
Colonel Karl Kate   1967	  
Sophie Marshall   1910  
Anna Pratt
Colonel William Senior  
Elizabeth Senior   
General Sir Horace Smith-Dorian   
Ethel Villiers-Forbes   
Emily Villiers-Forbes   
Henry Villiers-Forbes