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Priest in Charge: The Revd Gareth Randall



Service Times

Please see our Services page for details of service times.

What are The Julian Meetings?

Each month our news sheet has a short message about the next Julian Meeting - but what exactly is it? The Julian Meetings (JM) are groups of people who meet regularly in order to grow in the practice of contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition. The organisation was set up in 1973 with eleven groups - today there are over 400 in the UK and a growing number worldwide. JM took the name of the 14th Century Julian of Norwich; her writings are sometimes used at meetings but JM is in no way a Julian cult.

Julian Meetings vary and are free to do things in their own way but a common pattern is that a brief reading leads into about half an hour of silent, contemplative prayer. This may be followed by a time for tea, coffee and conversation. People of all denominations, both lay and clergy, may attend. The aim is for participants to discover how they can integrate contemplation into their daily prayer life and how personal and group prayer can enrich each other. Those who attend Meetings usually take a full part in the life of their own church, but people who belong to no church are also welcome.

Contemplative prayer has been described as waiting silently upon God; listening for God; opening ourselves to God. In contemplative prayer we seek to be aware of the presence of God and to remain silently and attentively in that presence, completely open to God. Prayer is a two-way communication but so often we do all the talking and forget to listen to God!

Fund Raising


(Compiled and published in favour of Church funds)

Their favourite recipes donated by 100 Anglican Bishops

Cookbook sales in the UK £10 to include postage and packing to destinations in the UK or £12 to destinations in the EU. For sales in the EU the Cookbook will cost 10€ or 15€ (or £12) to include postage and packing in the EU. For orders taken in France for destinations in the UK.UK rates will apply.

st bartholomew's church - dinard

The Association of the Friends of St Bartholomew

The Association was formed in 2003 when we became a chaplaincy in the Diocese in Europe. It carries on in part from the Association of the Anglo American Church created in 1952 to run St Bartholomew’s.

The Friends own the Church building and garden and the Chaplain’s flat. The purpose of the Association as stated in its statutes is to maintain and improve the property and to support and further the work of St Bartholomew’s as a Christian church in the region.

Should you wish to become a member and have a vote in the decision making of the Association the minimum annual subscription is 16€ or £12.00

sunday school banner


Sunday School during the Sunday morning service. Lessons and materials are being prepared for children up to the age of 12.
All are welcome.


Do you enjoy seeing flowers in the Church? In order for this to continue we need more volunteers.
Please sign up on the list on the notice board in the porch if you would like to contribute.



A history of the Anglican community in Brittany written by Revd. Alan Charters.

May we remind you...

... that St Bartholomew's receives no financial help from any church body or organisation. We are dependent on the subscriptions of members, of gifts and the offertory contributions at services.

In the last few years since we have become a regular all-the-year worshipping community, we have been faced with many heavy expenses due to the fact very little maintenance had been carried out for a great number of years. Among other things, the boiler and heating system had to be renewed (we shall not forget the arctic conditions under which we worshipped when we first recommenced services during the winter!). Some of the stained glass windows had to be removed for repair. the chaplain's flat had not been redecorated since its construction and there also, the boiler needed replacement etc., etc.

Many other repairs need to be done in order to maintain the fabric of our church, repairs to walls, replacement of grills to protect the stained glass windows -- just look around carefully and you will discover many more.

We have a beautiful church and we have many helpers who work hard to care for it, but we need too, the financial help of everyone, not only to maintain it but to pay for the day-to-day bills of the church and the flat.

There is also the regular mainenance required of, for example, the organ, the garden, the British Cemetery, all of which require physical and financial assistance.


Please remember to bring an item or two to pop in the bag at the back of the church. These will be distributed to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Mme Baudain of the Banque Alimentaire graciously thanks the congregation of St Bartholomews for their continuing kindness to the people in need of Dinard. Helen Morgan will be pleased to receive any contribution on any Sunday.


The Banque Alimentaire is the organization concerned with the collection and distribution of food to some 300 families in need of such help in Dinard.

Our Church plays a very necessary part. On the first Sunday of each month, a bag is placed near the door of the church so that those who wish can place their much needed gifts.

Items requested are tinned food, sugar, coffee, drinking chocolate, jams, honey and soups.

The Banque Alimentaire extends their grateful thanks and appreciation for continued support.

Thank you all in Christ. Acts 6 v. 2-4.

ALWAYS WANTED - Please let us have your empty Bonne Maman jam jars, so we can make some more preserves to sell for our funds.

Gladys Dunnell has been collecting and sorting stamps for "Cancer Research" for a long time. Please continue to help her with your used postage stamps - there is always a box in church where you can leave them. Many thanks to Gladys.

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